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HIMELON™ series

You can download here the specification documents, safety data sheets, and RoHS analysis results of the HIMELON™ series products.

※Representative analysis products use the same materials as the products listed in the target product name column.
※As for the representative products used for RoHS analysis, please refer to HIMELON™ series RoHS analysis comparison table

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Product name Product specifications SDS (Representative analysis products) RoHS analysis results
Chemical-bonded Nonwovens
HIMELON™ HN-E series

HN603B, HN604B, HN606B, HN608B, HN611B, HN616B, HN620B, HN625B, HN630B, HN640B ※HN603BG, HN604BG, HN608BG (individual SDS)
HN-E product specifications HN-E SDS (HN620B)
Chemical-bonded Nonwovens
flame-retardant HIMELON™ ULH-E series

N9095B, N9195B, N9295B, N9495B, N9595B, N9795B
ULH-E product specifications ULH-E SDS (N9795B)
Chemical-bonded Nonwovens
flame-retardant HIMELON™ ULA-E4 series

N9491E, N9591E, N9592E, N9691E, N9791E, N9891E
ULA-E4 product specifications ULA-E4 SDS (N9795B)
Chemical-bonded nonwovens
Soft HIMELON™ SH series

SH606B, SH608B, SH620B, SH630B
SH product specifications SH SDS (HN620B)
Chemical-bonded Nonwovens
Soft HIMELON™ flame-retardant SH series

SH606BN, SH608BN, SH620BN, SH630BN
flame-retardant SH product specifications flame-retardant SH SDS (N9795B)
Needle-punched Nonwovens
HIMELON™ SN series

SN05B, SN07B, SN09B, SN15B,
SN20B, SN25B, SN30B, SN40B, SN50B
SN product specifications SN SDS (SN20B)
Needle-punched Nonwovens
HIMELON™ flame-retardant SN series

flame-retardant SN product specifications flame-retardant SN SDS (SN20BN)
Pressed Wool Felt
HIMELON™ SP series

SP10B, SP12B, SP15B, SP18B, SP23B, SP30B, SP40B, SP50B, ※SP10WW, SP20W, SP30W, SP10BG (individual SDS)
SP product specifications SP SDS (SP30B)

※For inquiries about other than the HIMELON™ series, or inquiries about REACH (SVHC) inclusive survey, chemSHERPA AI data, IMDS registration, other chemical substance inclusive survey, test report, appropriateness decision for export regulation, etc., please contact us by the inquiry form below.