Japanese Traditional Felt Rug “Mousen”


Japanese traditional felt rug “Mousen” shows out our welcoming attitudes.

“Mousen” laid discreetly in a Japanese style drawing room is a symbol of cordial hospitality for Japanese.
Our “Mousen” is adopted by Buddhist temples and wedding halls and it is also used in various scenes such as meetings, tea ceremonies, stages, wedding ceremonies, gatherings of Haiku poets and Noh songs.


“Mousen” has long been used as an auspicious rug. During the Nara period of Japan (around the 8th century), “Mousen” with beautiful patterns was presented to Japan from the Tang dynasty of China and it is still in safekeeping at Shoso-in (ancient historical building of treasure storage in Japan).


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Product Name Gyokudan Tendan Juro Manju
Thickness(mm) 5 3 2 1
Width(mm) 1900 1900 1820 1820
Length(mm) 950 950 910 910
Antibacterial and Deodorant Finishing
Flame proofed

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