PRODUCTJapanese Traditional Felt Rug “Mousen”


Leave the spirit of hospitality to mousen.

Mousen gently laid in the Japanese traditional tatami room brings back memories of the taste of Japanese people that wholeheartedly welcome guests.
Our mousen is widely used as a regular stock item for places such as Buddhist temples and wedding halls.
It is also generally used for the following purposes: meetings, tea ceremonies, theater stages, marriage ceremonies, gatherings of Haiku poets, and Noh songs.


Mousen has long been an auspicious rug.
An inlaid mousen felt with a beautiful pattern was presented by the Tang dynasty of China during the Nara period of Japan, around the 8th century.
The felt is still kept in safekeeping at the Shosoin Repository nowadays.


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Product Name Gyokudan Tendan Juro Manju
Thickness(mm) 5 3 2 1
Width(mm) 1900(6.3尺) 1900(6.3尺) 1820(6尺) 1820(6尺)
Length(mm) 950(3.15尺) 950(3.15尺) 910(3尺) 910(3尺)
Antibacterial and Deodorant Finishing

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