Felt for Musical Instruments


Our wool felt is used for over half of the world’s pianos.

Hammer felt is essential to pianos.
We inherited the manufacturing method from ROYAL GEORGE™, a British manufacturer with a history of over 100 years.
We have become a leading manufacturer of hammer felt and we have a share of over 50% in the world.

楽器用フエルト 楽器用フエルト

Parts of Piano Action


Piano action is the heart of a piano, and more than 20 different types of felts are used for it.
By utilizing our technologies, we manufacture different felts suited to the required various properties such as cushioning, sound-absorbing and damping, and our products have been adopted as parts for piano action.


Digital piano

Cushion materials for keyboard of digital piano.

Wind instruments such as saxophone

We manufacture felt for pads of wind instruments such as saxophone.
The pads are essential to maintain sound quality and tones of wind instruments. Our wool felt, whose thickness and density are controlled strictly, is used for many wind instruments.

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