To be a bridge between the global environment and people - that is AMBIC's dream.

President's Message
  Since our foundation in 1917, we have been producing felts for almost a whole century and nonwoven fabrics for nearly half a century under the name of Japan Felt Industrial Co., Ltd. Through supply of these products, we have been contributing to improvement of people's living and development of industries as a foremost all-round manufacturer in this field in Japan. In addition, we have readily responded to globalization and been expanding our production bases and sales areas overseas.
Our name, AMBIC, originated from a Latin word "AMBITUS" (meaning Environment) and an English word "TECHNOLOGY", signifies our commitment to protection of the environment and determination to be further globalized as a technology-oriented company in the 21st Century. Our logotype symbolizes the imager of a bridge between the environment and people as well as our expectation for the future.
  Furthermore, we will positively promote collaboration with companies (both in the same and other industries), governments and academics over the world and incorporate their distinguished materials, products, innovative technologies and advanced manufacturing equipment into our core technology and develop unique composite products to meet various needs of our customers. With the theme of "Be gentle with people and the earth", we at AMBIC will continue to devote ourselves to development and supply of such products that will help protect the global environment. All of us are making utmost efforts to serve our customers with products and services of high quality and reasonable prices in a wider range of fields. Your continued patronage and support will be highly appreciated.

Shigeki Uehara

Shigeki Uehara, President & Chief Executive Officer

Company Profile

Founded: December 20,1917
Capital: ¥100,000,000
President: Shigeki Uehara
Main Lines of Business:
Production and marketing of pressed felt, needle punched felt, chemical-bonded fabrics, thermal-bonded fabrics, spunlace fabric and other processed goods
Employees 270

Mizuho Bank,Limited
MUFG Bank,Ltd
The Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Head Office 180 Joto-machi, Himeji, Hyogo, 670-0841 Japan  >> map
■Sales Office
Tokyo Office 4F Akatsuki Bldg., 2-1-3 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-8577 >> map
Osaka Office
Nikke Bldg.,3-3-10 Kawara-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0048 >> map
Nagoya Office KS Bldg., 3-18-28,Marunouchi,Naka-Ku, Nagoya, 460-0002 Japan >> Map
■Factory And Plant
Head Office Factory 180 Joto-machi, Himeji, Hyogo, 670-0841 Japan   >> Map
Kakogawa Plant 440 Sendo, Yoneda-chou, Kakogawa, Hyogo, 675-0053
c/o Nikke Innami Mill
TEL+81-79-434-6550 FAX+81-79-433-0222
■Associated Company:
Japan Felt Industrial Co., Ltd. 180 Joto-machi, Himeji, Hyogo, 670-0841 Japan
Jiangyin Ambic Felts & Nonwovens Ltd.
(China-based Affiliate)
205 Laoxizhang Road, Beiguo Industry Park, Gushan Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu, China, 214414
(Shanghai-based Affiliate)
Rm.2705, New Hongqiao Center Building, No.83, Loushanguan Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China


December/1917 Founded as Nippon Felt Botai K.K.(capitalized at \300,000)
February /1934 Company name altered to Japan Felt Industrial Co.,Ltd.
June-July/1945 The bulk of our main plant was bombed down during W W U,reconstructed later.
March/1952 First manufacturer to develop and put on sale felt for menswear.
April/1955 Felt for clothing and handicrafts put on sale,expanded the domestic use of felt and developed an entry into the clothing and handicraft industry
August/1959 Chemical-bonded non woven fabric Himelon(R) put on sale
February/1963 Licensed as a JIS plant for industrial wool roll felt
November/1963 Developed needle-punched felt filter bag for the first time in Japan
September/1968 First to market felt for copiers.
October/1971 Feltace(R)(under collar)marketed.
September/1978 Non woven fabric for compress put on sale.
April/1982 Nippon Felt Kako K.K.established
April/1986 Thermal-bonded non woven fabric Himelon HM(R) put on sale
August/1996 Started contracted processing in China of part of works.
December/1999 Entered into business alliance with HVAF
April/2000 Company name altered to AMBIC Co., Ltd.
April/2000 Certified ISO 9002
April/2001 High-performance filter bags using spunlace nonwoven put on sale
June/2001 Company name of Nippon Felt Kako K,K,altered to Japan Felt Industrial Co.,Ltd.
November/2001 Certified ISO14001
August/2002 Became an affiliate of Nippon Keori Kaisha, Ltd.
October/2002 China-based affiliate "Jiangyin Ambic Felts & Nonwovens Ltd." established
September/2008 Hong Kong-based affiliate "AMBIC (HONGKONG) CO.,LTD." established
May/2012 Shanghai-based affiliate "AMBIC (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO.,LTD." established
December/2017 100th anniversary of founding
February/2019 Hong Kong-based affiliate "AMBIC (HONGKONG) CO.,LTD." closed