gRoyal Georgeh Piano Hammer Felt

"Royal Georgeh Piano Hammer Felt is used for the highest quality grand pianos played in major concert halls around the world.
It has been highly evaluated for over 100 years. It was originally developed and produced in the UK. Since its technical know-how was transferred to us, we have been working hard to maintain its quality.

Width immj
980 to 1070
980 to 1070
High-pitched tones:
3.5 to 15.0
Low-pitched tones:
21.5 to 38.0

* Please contact us for more information on customized specifications.
@To meet each customerfs requirement for creating better sound, we have been manufacturing the piano hammer felt using top-quality wool under strict quality control for half a century.
We are now the leading manufacturer in this field and our hammer felt accounts for 60 % of the market worldwide. Our hammer felt has been supplying many famous piano manufactures worldwide.