@ "Mosen", a felt carpet traditionally used in Japan for special occasions to create
gorgeous atmosphere is one of the unwovens. Thus, we are developing and
manufacturing various products with a wide variety of materials from natural ones like
wool to synthetic fibers, and are expanding their applications to serve even for our daily life.

Piano Hammer Felt
Piano Action Felt

Japanese Rugs and Carpets
Felt for Handcrafts
Embroidery and Badges
Clothing Auxiliary Materials
Wiping Strips
Legs for Audio Equipment and Furniture

Piano Action Felt
Various kinds of felt are used in the complicated action part of a piano in order to function as muffler, damper and back-check.To maximize these functions, we have been producing more than 100 kinds of felt by using carefully selected wool fibers and our unique manufacturing know-how built up over a long period of time.As we intend to further enhance our product lineup, now we have not only conventional pressed wool felt & woven felt but also synthetic needle-punched felt.