Production Processes Creating a Wide Range of Products

Production Methods for Felt and Nonwoven Fabrics

Both production methods start with the same procedure in which a web made from randomly arranged fibers is lapped to form multiple layers.After that, in the felt production fibers are entangled with each other to form a cloth by utilizing the fulling ability of wool and applying moisture, heat & pressure (vibration). On the other hand, in the nonwoven fabric production fibers are mechanically entangled or chemically bonded to form a cloth.Every fiber such as natural, synthetic and inorganic fibers can be used for the above production methods, and high-performance & highly-sophisticated materials can be produced.The following are our production processes for felt and nonwoven fabrics.
C Various Binding Processes

C Thermal-Bonding

【 Production Method 】 Different fibers with different melting points are blended, and fibers are bonded with each other to form a sheet using the softened & melted fiber with lower meting point.There are two melting methods; one is to press the fibers with heart calendars, and the other is to let hot air go through the fibers.

【 Feature 】 
As it does not need to use adhesive agents, nonwoven fabrics can be produced in a clean environment.Materials with a wide range of thickness from paper-thin to very thick & soft can be produced.

【 Application 】  Sanitary Materials, Insulators, Cleaning Materials and Cushioning