Production Processes Creating a Wide Range of Products

Production Methods for Felt and Nonwoven Fabrics

Both production methods start with the same procedure in which a web made from randomly arranged fibers is lapped to form multiple layers.After that, in the felt production fibers are entangled with each other to form a cloth by utilizing the fulling ability of wool and applying moisture, heat & pressure (vibration). On the other hand, in the nonwoven fabric production fibers are mechanically entangled or chemically bonded to form a cloth.Every fiber such as natural, synthetic and inorganic fibers can be used for the above production methods, and high-performance & highly-sophisticated materials can be produced.The following are our production processes for felt and nonwoven fabrics.
C Various Binding Processes

C Chemical-Bonding

【 Production Method 】 
Fibers are bonded with synthetic resin to form a sheet.This is the oldest production method of nonwoven fabrics.

【 Feature 】 
Most of the fabrics are thin.The functions such as flame resistance, antibacterial activity, water repellency and deodorization can be easily added.Also its hardness can be changed ranging from soft to hard.

【 Application 】  Cushioning, Filters and Interlining