New JIS System

About Self-declaration of Conformity

1.What is the Self-declaration of Conformity?

In the past, we displayed the JIS mark on our pressed wool felts, but we changed this to self-declaration of conformity, a method of proving by ourselves that our products conform to JIS L3201 (wool press felts).

The self-declaration of conformity is a company’s declaration by itself that its products conform to the applicable JIS standards under the new JIS system set up by the revision of the Industrial Standardization Act (effective October 1st, 2005).
Both the display of the JIS mark and the self-declaration of conformity act as a proof of conformity to JIS L3201.

Self-declaration of conformity and Supporting documents (Inspection results, Product specifications) are available at your request.

2.Target Products

a)Pressed Wool Felt RW5100J
b)Pressed Wool Felt RW8030J、RW8050J
c)Pressed Wool Felt FW5060J

3.Self-declaration Mark

For JIS-compliant products, “Compliant to JIS L3201, based on JIS Q 1000” will be displayed on the label, upon request.

4.Regarding Public Constructions

Public Building Construction Standard Specifications, issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, was revised in January 2004, and the JIS-compliant products based on the self-declaration of conformity can be accepted similar to the JIS marked products.
Therefore, there is no problem for using the above products for public constructions.

In this case, a self-declaration of conformity shall be attached, instead of the Japanese Industrial Standards Marking Permit (or JIS certificate) which was used before.


Our factory has obtained ISO9001 certification and this means that our quality control system is audited by a third-party certification organization every year.
We have not changed materials, equipment, manufacturing processes, and management methods and continue to provide products of the same quality as before.