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Environment and Industry Field

With the theme of “Being human-friendly and nature-friendly”, we devote ourselves to developing, manufacturing and providing products that will help protect the global environment.
We use environment-friendly materials and place importance on protecting the future of mankind and the earth from harmful substances and creating comfortable living spaces.

Automotive Field

Automobiles are one of the primary products of Japanese manufacturing.
HIMELON™ supports the quality of these products behind the scenes.

It prevents abnormal noises caused by vibrations and that increases our comfort in a car.
It complies with various environmental regulations and you can use it with confidence.

We help with your problems by our quick product delivery.

Information Equipment Field

As the communication and information field is advancing rapidly, it is a key to success how well we can keep up with the speed. We are committed to keep pace with the latest technologies realizing minimization of weight, size & thickness, speed-up, labor-saving and multi-functionality, reflect high-quality information in our product development and speed it up.

Musical Instruments and Audio Equipment Field

Nonwovens are used in every field from household and industrial electronics to office automation equipment and electronic musical instruments.
Our products meet requirements of micron-level accuracy, offer various features such as high density, high hardness and high elasticity, respond and contribute to electronic age.

Consumer Products Field

“Mousen”, a kind of rug which is rooted in ancient Japanese traditional culture and has been used to create an elegant and gorgeous atmosphere, is related to felt and nonwoven.
We are developing products using various kinds of fibers including natural fiber wool and expanding the applications of our products to area of our daily lives.

Civil Engineering Construction Field

Because CONFILL-TAPE™ is integrated with concrete in the process of concrete placement, grout injection and removal of CONFILL-TAPE™ are not required.
CONFILL-TAPE™ is lightweight and flexible and it can be easily applied without requiring any equipment.