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Environment and Industry Related

We are committed to developing, manufacturing, and selling products based on the premise of protecting the global environment, being friendly to people, and being friendly to nature.
We use environmentally friendly materials and place importance on protecting people’s and the earth’s future from harmful substances to create comfortable living spaces.

Automotive Related

Automobiles are one of the primary products of Japanese manufacturing.
HIMELON supports the quality of these products behind the scenes. It prevents abnormal noises caused by vibrations and helps keep car interiors pleasant.
It complies with various environmental regulations for greater peace of mind.

Our quick delivery is perfect for emergencies.

Information Equipment Related

Communication and information fields are undergoing rapid development, and the key is keeping up with the speed of innovation.
In order to deal with the latest technology, which is becoming lighter, smaller, thinner, faster, more labor-saving, and more multifunctional, we incorporate high-quality information to speed up product development.
We have also established a global support system through the Internet.

Related to Musical Instruments and Acoustics

Nonwovens are used in everything from household and commercial electrical products to electronic office automation equipment and electronic musical instruments.
They are precise to the micron-level and have a number of useful characteristics, such as high density, high hardness, and high elasticity to handle and contribute to the modern age of electronics.

Lifestyle field related

Woolen carpets, a part of traditional Japanese culture that has been widely used to create a dignified and beautiful atmospheres, are related to felt and nonwovens.
Products made of various fibers, including wool, are being developed, with more and more applications closely related to our daily lives.

Civil engineering-related

Because the nonwovens is integrated into the concrete during the pouring process, grouting and removal work are unnecessary.
The material is lightweight and flexible, allowing it to be easily applied without additional equipment.