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Product outline

Since we released the first needle punched felt for filter bags in the Japanese market, we have added a wide range of variations using various types of fiber and now provide processed goods with further added value.
In particular, ADMIREX is our proprietary product made using a PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) fiber that is among the world.


Polyester, meta-aramid, PPS, PTFE, polyimide, polypropylene, modacrylic, nylon



ADMIREX is a high-performance filter bag developed by Daikin Industries made using a PTFE fiber that is among the thinnest in the world.


Surface Layer Filtration Method


Conventional General-Purpose Filter (Deep Layer Filtration Method)

Test Method: JIS11 Kanto Loam Powder (Reddish Brown), After 150 Pulses

  • The filter is made using a PTFE fiber that is among the thinnest in the world.
  • It is comprised of two layers that are responsible for filtration and strength retention.
  • Since it is compounded by high-pressure water flow, it has a filtration layer that is finer than anything that came before it.
  • Since it is compounded without adhesives, the filtration layer has a high porosity.
  • Since the two layers that take charge of the functions are compounded firmly, there is no delamination.
  • It is available to select the materials for the strength retention layer according to your environment of use.

The surface that carries out dust collection (the functional surface) is made using ADMIREX fiber, which is a PTFE fiber that is among the thinnest in the world.

Properties of ADMIREX Fiber
  • It is a PTFE fiber that is among the thinnest in the world. (Average of 10μm)
  • Its fiber diameter is not uniform, as there is a distribution.
  • It has branches of several μm.
  • It is a modified cross-section fiber.

02.Collecting Performance

The filtration layer demonstrates high collecting performance due to its fine structure.
It exudes tremendous power in collecting small particles.

Test Conditions
  • Dust: NaCl (Sodium Chloride)
  • Average Particle Diameter: 0.07μm
  • Filtration Rate: 2m/min
  • Sample Size: 150mm×150mm (Effective Area of 100㎠)

03.Pressure Drop Properties

Its fine porous structure and high porosity enable nearly perfect surface collection and stable operations with low-pressure drop.
This leads to a reduction in the number of times a pulse is needed for blow-outs, increasing the longevity of the filter bag.

Filter Bag Performance Evaluation Through Pulse Testing
JIS Z8909-1 Compliant
Test Conditions
  • Entrance Dust Concentration:5g/㎥
  • Filtration Rate:2.7m/min
  • Sample Size:164Φ×1000mm(Effective Filtering Area (Suction Area):1㎡)
  • Pulse Pressure:0.3MPa
  • Temperature:Normal Temperature
Test Method
  • Initial Collecting Performance: 6 Hours with a Control of 1,000Pa
Cloth Performance Evaluation Through VDI Testing

※The collection structure for ADMIREX is near-complete surface collection. Fine dust will not enter inside the bag either.
In addition, given that the surface is extremely smooth and made of PTFE with excellent separation, it is very good at dust separation.
In other words, even with a relatively small backwash energy, dust is easily blown out, enabling operations with low-pressure drop.

JIS Z8909-1 Compliant (VDI Method)
Test Conditions
  • Dust: Pural NF (Aluminum Oxide)
  • Particle Diameter:3.5~6.5μm
  • Entrance Dust Concentration:5g/㎥
  • Filtration Rate:2m/min
  • Pulse Pressure:0.5MPa
  • Sample Size:155Φ×1000mm(Effective Area of 140mmΦ)
  • Temperature: Normal Temperature
Test Method

1.Initial Collecting Performance

  • 30 Repeated Pulses With a Pressure Drop Control of 1,000Pa

2.Aging and Stabilization

  • 5,000 Repeated Pulses With Time Control at 5 Second Intervals
  • Then 10 Repeated Pulses With a Pressure Drop Control of 1,000Pa to Stabilize Collecting Performance of the Filter Cloth

3.Final Collecting Performance

  • 30 Repeated Pulses With a Pressure Drop Control of 1,000Pa


The filtration layer is a flexible felt layer with a thickness of approximately 80μm that demonstrates exceptional strength against physical stress, such as pulses (blow-outs).
We confirmed the objective change in tensile strength on the actual machine under the following conditions.
In terms of the tensile strength after 96,000 pulses, there was hardly any strength degradation. Filtering performance remains stable during long-term use.

Test Conditions
  • Test Plant: Industrial Waste Incinerator
  • Test Period: 12 Months
  • Pulse Count: 96,000 (the equivalent of 5 years’ worth of general urban waste incineration)
  • Pulse Pressure:0.3~0.4MPa
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature:180℃
  • Tensile Strength: JIS L1096 Compliant (unit: daN; 50mm cloth)

05.Chemical and Heat Resistance

Since the ADMIREX fiber used in the filtration layer is a PTFE fiber, it is stable against all chemicals other than fluorine gas (elemental fluorine), chlorine trifluoride, and molten alkali metals and is not affected by acids, alkalies, oxidants, or organic solvents.
In addition, it has the best heat resistance among organic fibers, with a momentary maximum service temperature of 260℃.

06.Reactor Function

Since the surface has a smooth, fine felt structure, dust does not become fixed on it, and it maintains its uniform porous primary adhesion layer even after pulse blow-outs.
In cases requiring a reactor function to neutralize harmful gases, this adhesion layer serves as the final neutralization layer for harmful gases.


Cross-sectional photo of ADMIREX after over 1 year of use in a gasification melting furnace.
The dust is collected completely on the surface, and it maintains its uniform primary adhesion layer.
※This is data for ADMIREX with the same performance (PTFE felt + PTFE web).

07.Case Examples of Delivery

Since its release in 2001, it has been highly rated for its high performance and adopted countless times for uses including processing exhaust gas from urban waste incinerators.
It has become an essential filter bag for gasification melting furnaces and ash melting furnaces, which have particularly high volumes of dust particles, due to its strong performance in these situations.

Case Examples of Uses
  • Collection devices at urban waste incinerators
  • Collection devices at industrial waste incinerators
  • Collection devices at ASR incinerators
  • Gas cleaning devices for power plants fueled by blast furnace-top pressure
  • Fumed silica collection
  • Biomass power plants
Furnace Types
  • Stoker furnace
  • Fluid bed furnace
  • Gasification melting furnace (shaft, kiln, or fluid bed)
  • Ash melting furnace (plasma melting or surface melting)

The data points listed are examples of values that have been actually measured, and along with the case examples listed, do not guarantee results when applying this product toward the corresponding uses.

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