Materials for Clothing (Collar liner and interlining)



Our wool felt interlining is used between main interlining which forms the silhouette of the breast of men’s suit, and lining.
It absorbs the hardness of the main interlining and adds volume to the lining, resulting in a comfortable fit.
We provide products of various material types from wool to needle-punched synthetics.



Our felt for collar liner “FELTACE™” creates a beautiful silhouette of the collar which is the most important part of men’s suit.
The bulkiness of felt absorbs the unevenness occurred when it is pressed, and creates a beautiful collar line. As felt does not fray from a cut end, that provides neat finish and good workability.
We offer many different series and a variety of colors.
There are a reversible type, a washable type and the type suitable for streamlined sewing work, and you can choose the products suited to your needs.

衣料用資材(襟裏、抱芯) 衣料用資材(襟裏、抱芯)

66 Series

Size: Width 95cm × Length approx. 43m
Materials: Wool 60%, Rayon 40%

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261 561 562
212 712 730
762 790

77 Series

Size: Width 95cm × Length approx. 45m
Materials: Wool 60%, Rayon 40%

Production of FELTACE77 will end in December 2022

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500 520 700
720 780 790

80DX series

Size: Width 95cm × Length approx. 47m
Material: Polyester 100%

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24 41
50 52 53
70 72 73

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